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Over the past, San Antonio's reputation has slowly been changing. It is one of the best cities to live in the US because of the growth in the local industry and increased demand in the real estate industry. And one of the prominent neighborhoods within San Antonio is Olmos Park. Nested along U.S. Route 281, Olmos Park is easily accessible from anywhere in San Antonio.

Considered as one of the wealthiest cities, Olmos Park is a charming residential community with its own police, fire and environment service departments. The city has historically been located near fine dining and drinking options, which include Folc, a newly opened restaurant that has been acclaimed as one of the best new restaurants in the city. Olmos Park is also a community of artists, designers, and people working in the media, which helps shape Olmos Park. In addition, the city benefits from very little traffic where you can drive around to your destinations with less hassle and of course, with less noise and air pollution

Homes and condos for sale in Olmos Park continue to remain in much higher demand than the rest of the city. The median value of homes or condo in the city is $642,000. Real estate in the city has a great mix of newly built homes and alluring historic residences. Olmos Park also offers custom-built modern homes, conventional styles, rock homes and more. But regardless of the difference, homes for sale are all grand!  

The properties for sale in Olmos Park aren't just great homes, but the neighborhood also organizes events and entertainment to keep families together and to help encourage residents to meet their neighbors. It is a great community that is perfect to raise children in. Olmos Park is within the border of the Alamo Heights School District which offers great schools for your children. The Cambridge Elementary, Alamo Heights Junior High, and Alamo Heights High School are some of the well-known schools that offer a high quality of education for your children. 

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