Owner Financing Real Estate

Owner Financing Homes for Sale

Owner financing can be a useful tool in a tight credit market. It is where the person who sells a real estate agrees to take a payment over time until an agreed upon sales price is reached. It allows a seller to market a home faster and get a sizable return on the investment. In addition, owner financing arrangements are contractual agreements which mean, the details can vary depending on the circumstances of each transaction like the price, interest rate, and schedule of payment. Most owners also require a substantial down payment. 

Owner financing also happens when a seller is having difficulties selling the property or if they are heavily leveraged on their existing mortgage where they can’t sell and break even. As for the buyer, owner financing can be a benefit for them if they cannot obtain funding through a conventional mortgage lender or is unwilling to pay the prevailing market interest rates. 

Just keep in mind that there are certain risks for both the buyer and seller. Just like a loan from the bank or mortgage company, if the buyer is ever late on a payment, the buyer would have to pay for a late fee. Owner financing can be great for the right buyer and seller but it can be more complicated if the conditions aren’t right. The Bishop Group is open for a free consultation for buyers and sellers choosing this option. Call us today at 210.688.9740.