St. Benedict's Loft Real Estate

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St. Benedict's Loft Condos For Sale

Another luxury condominium is located in the heart of San Antonio and part of the King William District neighborhood. St. Benedict’s loft is unique and overflowing with character. This condo was originally a nursing home and hospital which was established by the St. Benedictine sisters in the 1950s. From the early 1990s to 2004, the building was vacant until it was purchased and developed by an investment group and present owners.

Condos for sale in the St. Benedict’s Loft are a combination of modern dwellings with bright, clean, and adaptable spaces. Kitchens are as gorgeous as they are efficient, featuring a top of the line appliances built inside a Thermofoil cabinetry. Units are presented with large picture windows, open floor plans, and bricked walls. Whether you choose a condo with a more structured multi-bedroom or consider an entirely open studio, each unit is a blank canvass for your personal liking.

St. Benedict’s Loft offers great amenities for its residents, such as a 24-hour fitness center, bar and pool area, convenient parking, and a courtyard with a wide greenery landscape. The condominium’s goal is to create a modern oasis in the heart of the historic King William Neighborhood. 

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